Bill Holmes - Construction



Mom's House at 44321 12th Street East, Lancaster, California
1961 - Built free-standing-two room playhouse for sisters that included loft in peaked roof and lighting
1962 - Installed automated irrigation system for front and back yards
1963 - Installed rain gutters
Stepfather's Business at 526 Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, California
1964 - Built folding ramp down cellar stairs and installed winch so appliances could be easily stored in and retrieved from the basement.
1965 - Installed suspended ceiling
California State University, San Luis Obispo, California
1969 - Selectively removed many truckloads of garbage from Aero hangar so facility could be used for AIAA money-making events, like a concert by Janis Joplin, and subsequently used as a sheet metal and machine shop for classes and senior project construction.
1970 - While working at Edwards, AFB, learned of surplus Atlas missiles. Arranged for and provided navigation for delivery of Atlas missile to Aero hangar, and designed method of erection as focal point, view point, and educational tool with stairs through systems to observatory at top, but antiwar sentiment stopped plans.
1971 - Designed and built Aero refreshment stand that consisted of two double arrows intersecting at ninety degrees. The shaft of each was eight feet high and four feet wide (plywood). It was supported from the ground on the arrow edges with cables under the floor. One of the arrow tips lowered as a door for access to the interior from where refreshments were sold through windows at the intersection of the arrows.
Teamed with architecture Department to build bridge across creek to shorten walk to Aero hangar.
First house at 13146 Thunderhead St., San Diego, California
1978 - Re-landscapped front yard to be maintenance free and added mirrored closet doors.
1979 - Built retaining wall to support telephone poles to support large redwood deck. Built redwood hot tub from Lindbergh Field concrete mold for installing in deck. Built shaded setting area on deck with copper thermal collector to heat tub. Connected to pool pump to provide power for jets. Built elevated stairway from pool level down to property line at bottom of canyon.
1980 - Converted rear side lawn to elevated maintenance-free garden partially enclosing pedestal BBQ.
1981 - Erected motor home carport on south side of two-story home to help cool house as well as provide covered storage.
Correctly anticipated the market, and sold the house just before a decline in demand. With $55,000 of the money we cleared, bought 2.5 acres in Poway advertised for $114,000. Moved into rental house while designing house for Old Coach Road.
Second house at 18108 Old Coach Road, Poway, California
1984 - Designed and partially built environmental Victorian house with a $170,000 loan and a lot of sweat equity. With the marriage and aerospace dissolving, sold the monument. Cleared $300,000. Got half out of the divorce and little else but my van, my tools and a utility trailer.
Third house at 329 Poppyfield Lane, Escondido, California (acquired half of partnership)
1989 - Installed patio, sidewalk, irrigation and landscaping.
Fourth house at Penaova Street, San Diego, California
I purchased my capital gains house in Penasquitos in the nick of time. Unfortunately, the invasion of Kuwait caused everyone to pause, and the Real Estate boom turned into a bust. It took three months to re-landscape (huge roots everywhere), repair water damage caused by a badly installed patio roof, replace it with a deck, and repaint the back of the three bedroom, 2.5 bath house -- too late to get the house on the market in time to make a profit. Had two bedrooms full of roommates to stem the red. Kept the place spotless for a year and a half waiting for a buyer to appear. Real Estate agent/broker neglected to inform me that that house had been modified without permits.
1992 - Replaced dining room patio door with French doors. Replaced small exterior balcony for upstairs master bedroom with large elevated deck. Re-landscapped and installed automated irrigation in front yard and back yard. Back yard including elevated walkway from dining room around and over landscaping to canyon edge of property to maximize dramatic view location. Walkway also connected to the patio. Rebuilt master bedroom and chimney to code in order to get permits to sell house.
Friend's house at 325 Poppyfield lane, Escondido
1994 - Installed automated irrigation system, garden areas and block-on-sand patio.
Sister's house in Palmdale, California
1996 - Converted attic over garage to apartment. Built parking slab and deck as shade for car and external access to apartment. Installed swamp cooler, gas heater and all electricity. Built kitchen and desks from melamine.
1997 - Moved and elevated 40-foot shipping container using, levers, small tractor and telephone poles as rollers before setting on steel-capped corner footings. Replaced doors with rolling door. Built shelving. Electrified with power from water pump house. Erected corrugated metal sun shade for horses. Re-graded property for better utility and protection from aqueduct break.
1998 - Installed drainage system. Moved access gate and driveway from east to north side of one-acre property. Built double gate and automated with garage door openers.
1999 - Built nature walkway in backyard.
First condo at 6416 Terraza Portico, Carlsbad, California
2001 - Converted small muddy back yard into comfortable oasis of multiple level decks, swing-out table for easy access to benches, canvas sunshade with misting system for cooling the eating area, water fall and stream.
Martha O'Brien backyard.
Modified, extended and repaired the irrigation system. Fixed patio electrical system.

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