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O'Brien family on their Cal-20 outside Marian Del Rey

First haul-out of Yorktown 33' sloop I built in 1972. I assembled the hull, keel and rudder halves, installed structural plywood bulkheads and installed the deck in a boat yard in San Pedro.  I had the keel filled with concrete and steel, installed custom bulkheads for my interior design,  installed the hatch, tiller, mast and rigging. I passed-out from fumes while installing bulkheads under the cockpit, and was unconscious for most of the day - fun story about rushing a hitchhiker to LAX while under the influence of resin and acetone. I sailed it as-is to King Harbor where I installed windows, vents, above-water thru-hulls, etc. and the engine, and gradually finished the interior.

Errant at Avalon, Catalina Island with friends

Errant at Goat Harbor, Catalina Island

Errant entering Isthmus, Catalina Island

Errant returning from Catalina Island with Bill and Nancy

Errant wing to wing

Concentration, not fear.

80 knot Santana winds created mix-master waves that added into huge peaks and canceled into deep pits with normal Pacific swells, sinking over 150 boats. The winds started at 03:00, threatening to break or drag the anchor and drive us onto shore on the east side of Santa Barbara Island. There was no moon, huge kelp beds and treacherous off-shore rocks, so we had to stay far off-shore as we motored to the west side of the island for protection. The wind was so strong that an eddy over the bluff pushed us into shore to bounce on the bottom if we anchored too close and pushed us away from shore, dragging the anchor if we anchored too far from the bluff.

We rested until noon, then everyone but me voted to sail to Catalina in case the winds abated in the middle of the night and we had to flee the Pacific swells. It was a wild ride from Santa Barbara Island to Cat Harbor. When were were not sideslipping down waves (keel exposed), we had two foot walls of water coming over the bow, down the deck and into the cockpit.

Errant Santa Barbara Island, 10/77

Errant on way to Santa Barbara Island for diving trip

Errant at Santa Barbara Island, 10/77

Errant Anacapa Island with Paul

Errant at Santa Cruise Island

King Harbor, Redondo Beach, California

King Harbor
Bill relaxing on his 33' Yorktown Yach, Errant

William T. Holmes enjoying Errant

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