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I am peculiar, particular, fully functional and all natural. I'm not looking for a cook, maid, mother or entertainer. I do like smiles, kisses, touch, back scratches, affection and a hand at a movie or while walking or hiking. I still have my college libido, so I thoroughly enjoy making love as long and as often as possible.

Humor as a consequence of observation: Flip flops have long been great for those who fart while walking. Now blue tooth head sets have freed people to talk to themselves without embarrassment.

I believe in full disclosure and informed consent. I'm straight forward and out of the box. My philosophy and politics are at and Everything you may want to know about me is at, particularly the Personality and Activities links on the lower right. Recent photos are in the Hiking and Diving sections.

If you are still interested, email me. If you are not, don't reply. I'm not interested in the critique of those who think all women want what they want, or think they know what's best for other people.

I still get emotional when I see the ultimate mating.

I'm 5'-11", 196 lbs, athletic, innovative, industrious, resourceful, responsible, honest, adventurous, persistent, dedicated and weird. I've never been a Scout, but I plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

I can laugh at myself as well as Dilbert, and often do.

I enjoy the questions children ask and their observations. They make me see the world anew. Unfortunately, both of my wives were infertile. I miss my dog.

I have difficulty tolerating intolerance, bigotry, stupidity, self-imposed ignorance, lies, the initiation of force, slavery, constraints on peaceful people, people who think they know what's best for other people, or their means: religion and government.

We own ourselves. We must have the liberty to do with our property as we please. Property damage must be compensated. Otherwise, live and let live.

I'm healthy and fit. Yoga keeps me limber. Weights keep me strong. Supine biking keeps my weight down and heart up, and provides the opportunity to read, or watch educational videos on my Palm Pre. The link to my medical history will be revealed upon request.

I have no debt. My hard and soft assets will be revealed upon request.

Since my separation April Fools Day, I've been in location-limbo with most of my stuff in a garage, and much of it still in boxes, so moving for love or a contract is not an issue. In the meantime, I invent and develop products, and go on fishing, prospecting and sightseeing road trips that often include a visit to one of my WorldMark timeshare resorts.

I'll admit I cry during the heroism scenes in movies like
The Abyss (after disarming the war head at extreme depth),
Armageddon (when saying good bye to his daughter and during her images flashing in his mind) and
Avatar (the last half of the move and through the credits the fifth time).
It's a great catharsis.

Assessment and Chemistry Predictor





If you are not intrigued you when you see me, if you do not feel good when we touch, if your hand on my bare chest feeling my heart beat does not quicken yours, then you should seek another man. If no man has this effect on you, then grant yourself the freedom to seek a woman. There may be respect, entertainment or affection, but if this test is not passed, there will be no passion. Intellect cannot fight mother nature.

I believe in full disclosure and informed consent. I'm straight forward and out of the box. Recent photos are in the Hiking and Diving sections.

I understand that there is no perfect mate, but ideally ...

You enjoy private and public affection, or want to.

You enjoy your sexuality, and exploring its limits, or want to.

You are not inhibited by time or place.

You have control over the weight, shape and movement of your body. Your pride is evident by your poise, square shoulders, straight back, straight legs and stride. You would not pollute it with smoke, chemicals or unhealthy food, or disfigure it with piercings or tattoos. Unnatural nail polish is distasteful. Polish in general is not worth the effort.

You do not envy, or care to be envied.

You are not susceptible to peer pressure.

You prefer knowledge (Web, Nat Geo, Discovery, History Channel and Science Channel at home and books on tape while traveling), skill and truth to being entertained by soap operas, game shows, reality shows or sitcoms.

You don't need laugh tracks to know what's funny.

Communing with nature calms and revitalizes you.

You stopped believing in Santa Clause and the supernatural a long time ago.

You are not a princess or drama queen.

Your fond memories of great experiences are more important than accumulating material things. Value is more important than brand.

You share many of my attitudes, interests and activities, or are willing to try something new, and introduce me to new experiences.

You can playfully tease and can be teased about our differences.

You don't expect me to have ESP. You tell me what you want when you want it, because unexpressed expectations kill relationships.

Pushing shopping carts into stores makes sense to you.

A Real Man


Who not to date

Relationship Science

I believe the purpose of all life is necessarily procreation. Despite all the layers of acceptable behavior and culture, all healthy human endeavor contributes to the projection of genes into the future. Those who can no longer procreate tend to help their children and grandchildren procreate. Those unable to procreate tend to facilitate the projection of related genes. Hence, my website.

I love the insights and reading provided by Ayn Rand, but I disagree with her notion that love can be entirely intellectual. If you have studied biology or watched "The Science of Sex," you know that genes rule mating. Good immune system mates smell good. Genetically healthy mates look good. Although makeup can be deceiving, ovulating women attract men more than merely fertile women, and fertile women attract men more than infertile women, which explains why men become "dirty old men."

Genes have determined how to make us do what they want by stimulating the pleasure center of our brain with dopamine for food and fornication, and encouraging bonding with oxytocin, etc. That's "chemistry." It's what makes couples stay together long enough to assure that their progeny live long enough to procreate. Sometimes the bond lasts a lifetime.

While driving I listened to a Yale lecture series on psychology. Robert Sternburg says love has three elements:
1. intimacy (share secrets)
2. passion (sex) and
3. decision of commitment (call it love).
1 only is liking. 2 only is infatuation. 3 only is empty love. 1+2 is romantic love. 2+3 is fatuous love. 1+3 is companionate love. 1+2+3 is consummate love. "Two out of three ain't bad," but the goal is consummate love.
Love typically results from proximity, familiarity and similarity.

When the mate resembles a loved one (parent, past mate), it's a psychological love-at-first-sight that usually results in disappointment as the reality fails to meet the expectations.

When the mate is inexplicably attractive, it's a genetic love-at-first-sight (healthy symmetry, posture, gate) and smell (complementary immune systems). The procreation urge tends to overwhelm rationality, intelligence and interest incompatibilities. The result is either a love-hate relationship, or a mating for life, like the rare elderly couple you sometimes see holding hands, and gazing wistfully at each other, seeing the person they met 50 years ago. Love is unconditional.

All other relationships are rational matings of convenience in which social attractiveness, power, wealth, earning capacity, position, prestige, intelligence, charm, commitment and other attributes compete with sexual attractiveness, ability and consideration. Love is conditional.

The rarity of mutual love-at-first sight when both are ready, willing and able to engage in a relationship is like a planetary alignment. It's so rare, that most people have to settle for a mating of convenience.

Men versus Women

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