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As a business analyst I am well-prepared to help you determine the requirements for your Web site.

Web sites compliant with AnyBrowser standards

The key to a good web site is a concise message and intuitive navigation, not flashy distractions or overwhelming home pages in micro text. We can reach those who disable cookies and Java or use cellphones to access the Web. All conventional sites include vanity email addresses, which can be forwarded to your normal email address, or accessed directly by way of the POP or IMAP email client on your computer or the your Web browser via SquirrelMail. Spam and virus scanning are free. Spam can be avoided by using a form instead of publishing your email address directly on the Web.

FileMaker is used to develop database sites, because powerful solutions that run on both Windows and Macintosh computers can be devised in a fraction of the time of more expensive database programs. HomePage is used to develop such sites, because it is cognizant of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for FileMaker known as Component Description Markup Language (CDML).

To help you understand the terminology, function and methods of the Web, visit Internet basics and Web site development and promotion.

In addition, we offer graphics and logo design, Forms you can customize, combination web and listserve Forums.

Canvas, Photoshop and other tools are used for two-dimensional graphics and animations. SolidWorks is used for three-dimensional graphics and animations. SoundStudio and SoundEdit are used for audio. iMovie is used for video.


Sites can be developed for hosting on the server of any Internet Access Provider, your business Intranet server, or on our low cost and high performance servers.

An Apache server is used for conventional sites. FileMaker and database server is used for unconventional sites. Regardless of how your site is hosted, your privacy is preserved.

No Bull Shit is another reason why I use Gandi.net for my domain name registration. The primary one is that their agreement says you own your domain name. Other Registrars say they'll let you use the domain name as long as you behave. Perhaps that's why little Gandi has 1,036,493 domains registered.
Transparent Language, Inc. software - Freetranslation.com
Systran Software (no Brazilian Portuguese) - babelfish.yahoo.com, Reference.com Translator
Unknown - T-mail

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