Conventional Sites


All conventional sites include vanity email addresses, which can be forwarded to your normal email address, or accessed directly by way of the POP or IMAP email client on your computer or the your Web browser via SquirrelMail. Spam filtering and virus scanning are free. Spam can be avoided by using a form instead of publishing your email address directly on the Web. A Majordomo Mailing List and Vacation Auto-Responder can also be enabled.


Simple PayPal Buy or Donate buttons can be added. There is a small PayPal transaction fee.

Miva Merchant and osCommerce are available for those who have many products to sell. Accepting credit cards requires a merchant banking account, which requires a monthly fee based on activity. That fee is included in the Miva Merchant fee.

Domain Name

Unlike other web hosting providers that hold your domain name hostage so you are stuck with them, we prefer that you acquire your domain name. is one of the few whose agreement specifies that you own and control your domain. Others merely allow you to use the domain as long as you comply with their rules. If you like, we can acquire the domain for you at and make you the owner and billing agent.

Regardless of where you register your domain name, the primary and secondary Domain Name Servers the registrar references must be and

Optional Services

There are no monthly fees. If you need help implementing the more complex systems, the hourly rate is a function of the difficulty.

Sample Sites

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