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Innovative, resourceful and responsible business analyst, technical writer, database and web developer, designer, engineer, and project and functional manager, who tends to optimize the functionality, performance and accuracy of products and personnel with better processes, designs or information systems or automation in all eight domains experienced using over seventy application programs, thirteen database systems, thirteen programming languages and ten operating systems. That experience facilitates the rapid identification of core problems, and the design and implementation of novel solutions using new tools.


Bill Holmes Consulting - 7/2005 to present

Business Analyst and Technical Writer

Merged requirements for an online bill pay system from multiple documents into one. Derived Excel spread sheet from it for loading features into Team Studio. Consolidated, refined, added and linked Product Backlog Items. Researched functionality of and ACH token passing with CyberSource for credit/debit cards and checks. Researched transaction posting to Facets. Refined, added and linked Product Backlog Items accordingly. Investigated ramifications of an incorrect Member ID in various systems. Investigated cause of report inconsistencies. Used MS Team Studio, Agile (SCRUM), Outlook, Work, Excel, Visio, SQL and Paint. Contracted to Providence Health Plans via TEKsystems.

Business Analyst and Technical Writer

Developed functional requirements and technical specifications for systems that support medical insurance business, including receipts processing, member appeals, benefits, chemical dependency and call processing. Performed a gap analysis of the member appeals legacy system with Facets claims and workflow manager that revealed Facets could be used for the purpose without the belated Facets appeals application as confirmed by onsite Trizetto personnel. First among seven contract business analysts to get customer approval. First to get Trizetto programming staff acceptance of a technical specification. Used Outlook, Word, Excel, Facets, Access, SQL, Visio, LiveLink, Project and RUP/UML subset. Contracted to BlueShield/BlueCross via World Health.

Synergy Enterprises (North Park, Escondido and Palmdale, CA) - 11/1991 to 5/2000

Business Analyst

Developed requirements for a fulfillment system. Developed requirements for and installed 900 phone system. Used Word, Excel and Canvas.

Computer Sciences Corporation (San Diego) - 11/1991 to 4/1992

Business Analyst and Technical Writer

Published Enterprise Integration and Management and specified data management plan and email-based change notification system. Used Word, Excel and Canvas.

General Dynamics, Data Systems Division (San Diego) - 5/1983 to 11/1991

Process Architect and Technical Writer

Developed "Solid Modeling Brief" sought by IBM, DEC, Matra Datavision, Computervision and others to introduce the new technology. Defined product development process and the information architecture required to support it for an enterprise integration project. Conducted vendor selection process. Learned Euclid solid modeler and Catia surface modeler. Evaluated Development Technologies International, The Netherlands with corporate-wide team. Wrote the DevTech Compendium, which was used to secure funding for Omnigon three years later. Used a business data modeler, MacWrite, MacDraw and Canvas.

Functional Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst and Technical Writer

Saved CAD File Control System (FCS) project by eliminating distrust, resolving conflict and writing requirements in pseudo code. The FCS was used by four GD divisions, Computervision and Hughes. Used a minicomputer-based word processing system.

Saved corporate-wide CAD/CAM Data Base Management System (CCDBMS) project by re-architecting system to limit contractor to Global Access Facility (GAF) and take advantage of File Control System. Initiated rapid-prototyping to establish the requirements for Parts and Tasks Information (PATI) system, including configuration management of all deliverables. Managed eighteen San Diego programmers, and coordinated the development of six-person team in Fort Worth and Groton. Demonstrated PATI and GAF to all Divisions. Used MacWrite, MacDraw, MacProject and MS Project. Learned Pascal, AXE, Forth, 6800 assembler, Model 204 DBMS programming and real time software design and modeling.

General Dynamics Convair (San Diego) - 1/1978 to 5/1981

Project Manager and Business Analyst

Supervised development of analysis sequencing, execution and data exchange system. Evaluated, specified, acquired and optimized utilization of graphic systems for computer-aided analysis (CAA), design (CAD) and process planning (CAPP). Represented company at IPAD CAE and CAM-I Solid Modeling meetings. Used IBM TSO.

Rockwell International, Los Angeles Aircraft Division (Los Angeles, CA) - 1/1973 to 1/1978

Business Process Analyst

Initiated inter-department data transfer process, and acquired minicomputer system to speed vehicle synthesis from conception through cutter path generation for wind tunnel models. Made flexibility tailoring possible. Used IBM MVS TSO and Varian tools.

California State Polytechnic University (San Luis Obispo, CA ) - 6/1968 to 6/1971

Received Bachelor of Science Degree with honors (3.1/4.0 GPA) in Aeronautical Engineering, where the motto is "Learn by Doing." Elected in absentia to chair AIAA student branch. Co-chaired Aero Royal. Converted hangar full of junk into useful education facility. Designed Aero logo still in use today. Played left wing and left half for varsity soccer team.


SAT Kuder Occupational Interest Survey - Chemist, Computer programmer, Engineer.
Langdon Adult Intelligence Test - 140 total I.Q., 99 percentile.
Keirsey Personality Profile - Equally INTP Architect: (designer of buildings and ideas, abstract design, exhibit greatest precision in thought and language of all the types; tends to see distinctions and inconsistencies in thought and language instantaneously), and INTJ Scientist (brings INTP designs into reality). Both are 1% of the population.
MAPP Appraisal - Inquisitive, exploratory, analytical, experimental, self-sufficient, goal-oriented, independent, considers people both philosophically and psychologically, engineering orientation, applies scientific/technical/logical thinking to identify, analyze, and solve problems, devise strategies and systems to achieve objectives, writes creatively at professional levels.
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