William T. (Bill) Holmes


Business Analyst (contract) - Developed consolidated text requirements and migrated them to Team Studio for online premium payment system.
11/08-12/08, Providence Health Plans, Beaverton, Oregon
Inventor - Developed prototype for integrated requirements and software development, developed VTOL and conventional flight vehicle concept, patent and business plan, and developed a rail and sill hoist, patent and product plan.
12/05-11/08, Bill Holmes Consulting, Sellwood, Oregon
Business Analyst (contract) - Developed functional requirements and technical specifications for Facets and lagacy systems.
7/05-12/05, Regence Blue-Shield/Blue-Cross, Portland, Oregon
Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Operations - Refined business plan, prepared site plan, evaluated potential sites at Victorville and Lompoc (VAFB), California and Las Cruses (White Sands), New Mexico before funding failed to occur.
1/04-7/04, American Astronautics Corporation, Carlsbad, California
Technical Writer - Refined PhD theisand prepared presentation on remotely controlled space-based robots.
9/3-5/4, Alexander Nawrocki, Encinitas, California
Sales Associate - Rearranged and stocked electrical department, supported customers, invented large spool mounting device for wire carousel, submitted 26-page report of other improvements, 13 of which were patentable.
9/03-3/04, Home Depot, Encinitas, California
General Manager - Developed instructional and sales animations (desktop video), installed, maintained and repaired Apple hardware, software and networks, developed requirements for fulfillment system, installed and maintained Web servers, developed Web sites and Web-enabled databases, and designed three-person module that could be mass-produced for various rides in a theme park.
9/89-present, Synergy Enterprises, Carlsbad, California (contract work sometimes conducted in parallel with full-time work)
Project Manager and Information Engineer - Developed winning proposal, Intranet and , and evaluated genome data.
5/00-9/02, Omnigon Technologies, Carlsbad, California
Senior Computer Systems Engineering Specialist - Specified data management plan and email-based change notification system.
11/91-4/92, Computer Sciences Corporation, Technology Management Division, Western Center, San Diego, California acquired General Dynamics Data Centers and laid-off most of the technical staff
Software Engineering Specialist - Defined product development process and the required to support it among many other acts applauded by both functional and customer management according to their testimonials and awards.
Chief and Project Manager - Re-architected and salvaged corporate-wide CAD/CAM Data Base Management System project. Established requirements for Parts And Task Information system. Managed eighteen local programmers and coordinated the development of other M204-based systems by Fort Worth and Norwich teams. Defined and negotiated with Computer Corporation of America the development of a Global Access Facility that presented a single logical view of distributed heterogeneous data.
Software Engineer (Project Manager) - Developed the requirements for a CAD file control system that is still used by General Dynamics and Hughes.
5/83 to 11/91, General Dynamics, Data Systems Division, Western Center, San Diego, California
Product Marketing Engineer - Initiated direct response marketing system that correlated sales with ads.
5/81 to 5/83, Hewlett-Packard, San Diego Division, San Diego, California
Lead Engineer - Developed interactive graphic programs and conducted analytical and empirical aerodynamic evaluations of aircraft designs, and did it well according to testimonials.
1/78 to 5/81, General Dynamics, Convair Division, San Diego, California
Advanced Design Aerodynamicist - Developed interactive graphic programs. Conducted analytical and empirical aerodynamic evaluations of aircraft designs. Configured, acquired and implemented minicomputer system to support the advanced design process from conception through cutter path generation for wind tunnel models well according to testimonials.
9/71 to 1/78, Rockwell International, Los Angeles Aircraft and B-1 Divisions, Los Angeles, California
Transportation Systems Engineer- Configured a portal to portal transportation system of magnetically transported vehicles powered with flywheels when not on "flyways."
6/71 to 9/71, National Science Foundation, San Luis Obispo, California
Advanced Projects Engineering Student (summers) - Designed propulsion, control and release system installations for remotely piloted vehicles.
Operations Group Engineering Trainee (co-op) - Designed various flight and ground support equipment for lifting body vehicles, supported X-15 engine tests and designed paint scheme.
9/67 to 6/68, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Dryden Research Center, Edwards AFB, California (photos)
Student Draftsman - Designed Atlas test equipment and revised drawings.
6/67 to 9/67, North American Aviation, Rocketdyne Division, Canoga Park, California
Student Draftsman - Designed a water supply facility and drafted engineering sketches.
6/66 to 9/66, U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering, Edwards A.F.B, California
Parts Manager - Designed and built appliance hoist, organized and managed parts department and delivered appliances while attending high school.
9/63 to 6/66, Pat O'Brien's Brand Appliances, Lancaster, California
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