Bill Holmes - NASA, Edwards

I neglected to show the XB-70 and its B-58 chase plane I worked around during my first of six months as a Co-op student at NASA, Edwards.

I requested more productive work and was transferred into Flight Operations, where I design ground support equipment for the X-15, shown here Muroc dry lake after a flight. I worked in the pill boxes and control room during its engine tests.

X-15 with ablative that went Mach 7 and landed safely despite much of the lower ventral being erroded away by shockwaves from belly and scram jet impinging on it. The scramjet was jetisoned prior to landing. Five more minutes at Mach 7 and the hyraulic lines would have been severed.

X-24 A and

HL-10 for which I design ground support equipment

HL-10 being prepared for a lift by the old B-52 mother ship

First Summer as Engineering Student at NASA Advanced Design. RC mother ship with Hyper III RC model being readied for take-off by Dale Reed (on dry lake bed) and Dick Eldridge, his structural engineer. I drafted the control system for the full-scale model and a Regalla wing manned test vehicle.

While working for Flight Operations, I invented my Tri-Cone booster and orbitor concept.

I did aerodynamic analysis of HiMat while working at Rockwell International (NAA), Los Angeles Aircraft Division, Advanced Design

It was finally built and flight tested at NASA Edwards

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