William T. (Bill) Holmes


Chronological Order

Joshua Junior High School, Lancaster, California 9/60 to 6/62.
Antelope Valley Joint Union High School, Lancaster, California Pre-Engineering 9/62 to 6/66.
Northrop Institute of Technology, Inglewood, California Aerospace Engineering from 9/66 to 6/67 with 4.0 GPA until forth quarter (one C), then worked summer job for Rocketdyne and six-month co-op job with NASA before transferring to California State Polytechnic University 3/68.
  • California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California (Learn by Doing) Bachelor of Science Degree with honors (3.1/4.0) in Aeronautical Engineering; American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) student branch chairman, Aero Royal Co-chairman 6/71 while alternating work with classes (9/69 and 9/70) from 3/68 to 6/71. Diploma; transcript page 1, 2 and 3.
  • Subjects of Study

    Aerospace Engineering at Northrop Institute of Technology and Aeronautical Engineering at California State Polytechnic University including chemistry, physics, history of religion, machine programming, engineering mechanics, economics, applied biology, literature, advanced engineering mathematics, manufacturing processes, philosophy, strength of materials, vector analysis, programming digital computers, programming analog computers, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, flight testing, design lab, flight mechanics, gas dynamics, senior project, aware issues, advanced FORTRAN, social psychology, special problems, propulsion systems, numerical methods, conservation.

    Post-Graduation Employer-Sponsored Seminars or Classes

    Aircraft Design, Quality Circles, Design Automation (IPAD), Solid Modeling technology (CAM-I), Pascal, Forthe, Problem Analysis, Basic, AXE (Archetype) Language Programming ,Security Awareness, Fundamentals of Supervision, Stress Management, Performance Appraisal, Customer Awareness, Quality Circles, VAX/VMS for Programmers, SADRT, Software Through Pictures, Euclid-IS Solids I, Macintosh Certification, Model-Based Object-Oriented Development, Advanced Interface Skills, Computervision CADDS 4, Unigraphics, Wiloughby Templates, Real Time Systems Programming, Structured Query Language (SQL), DB2 introduction, MS Excel, Model 204 RDBMS, Euclid IS DBMS, Catia surface modeler, Double Helix DBMS, MS Project, SGML, Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model (OSI seven-layer network protocol), Ethernet, Micro Planner, Kepner & Tregoe (problem solving - HP).

    Learned much more informally on the job and at home, including SolidWorks Essentials at Pacific Automation and Advanced Part Modeling, Advanced Assembly Modeling and Sheet Metal courses at home in 2003. Currently use Alibre Design Professional.

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