Derivative Document Generator

I developed a database that generates model-specific manuals from a generic product manual, simply by entering the generic manual as one paragraph or sentence per record and using HTML popups to format the text. Then only the generic manual need be maintained.  Each record was associated with one or more model number. Searching for records by model number, and exporting the found set results in an HTML file that is used as-is, or converted by scripts to Word, PDF, RTF or plain text for publication of the model-specific manual.

I put my total resume in the system, so I can easily derive subsets therefrom for specific job requirements (business analyst, project manager, technical writer, developer, designer).  It is surprisingly efficient to use.  Duplicating records copies a text style. Simply replace the text. A decimal system makes it easy to properly sequence records with a sort.

It can be extended for use as a requirements capture and software development tool.

I have not had an opportunity to patent it, so any disclosure will have to be conducted under the protection of mutual NDAs.


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